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Positive Poetry worked with St. Peter's School. This is the short film created to premier at Transmission Fest 2019 following a Page2Performance workshop.

Page 2 Performance

This is an exciting opportunity for participants to learn how to write a poem from scratch and transform it into a performance piece. Janey guides the learners through a series of ice-breakers, confidence building exercises, creative writing tools and performance techniques culminating in a piece ready to perform at a gig, show or short film.


This workshop can be tailored to specific themes, groups sizes and ages. Page2Performance can be tailored to run as a 2 hour, half day or full day workshop or alternatively as a series.

In this workshop participants will learn how to:

  • Build confidence

  • Write a brand new poem from scratch 

  • Bring a poem to life

  • Use vocal warm ups

  • Memorise text quickly

  • Use stage nerves positively

  • Perform their own poem

Revd. Jacqueline Clark

"Janey attended our prison in Wiltshire to run a series of poetry workshops. She had us all writing poetry before the first session was out (me included!).  The men loved what they experienced. She has brought a whole new experience of learning to them, and they have found they can learn something new with fun. It has been so successful we are hoping that Janey can come back in the New Year and continue her workshops with us."
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