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A guided audio poetry  walk 
By Janey McLeod-White

‘You may have missed this in the greyscale cloud clad skies.’

Refocus on the truly wonderful and remarkable aspects that make us human, the world we live in and the space around us. 


Join poet and performer Janey McLeod-White on this uplifting audio poetry walk and consider the beauty of life through rhythmic, modern poetry accompanied by ethereal music composed by Ed White.

From 24th May, All you need is to:

...and you can access the audio, carefully mapped out in green spaces around Bath city centre.  This is a FREE event but you can support us using the Paypal button or leaving a review here.


Love the passion in that poem. Spoken word like that is so, so incredible!’ - Adam Crowther, BBC Radio Bristol


‘Here is surely a performance poet who may be able to help others believe that they do no have to cope on their own in times of darkness’ - Petra Schofield, Theatre Bath, Bath Fringe


'Janey's poetry was thought provoking and inspirational. Her passion through her poetry touched the hearts of everyone in the audience' - Raham Badawy, Tedx Aston


'Persuasive argumentation in a poem. It’s art and science combined. It’s brilliant!' - Andy Kind, Comedian & Author


'Janey’s performance is slick and intelligent which adds life and clarity to any subject matter, she delivers a fresh and flawless performance!' - Dr. Rebecca Sage, Tedx Bristol

The Echoes app will show you where to head.

The Poems in order:

  1. HUMAN - (The Gravel Walk)

  2. LIGHT - (Royal Ave, along the path on lower side of Crescent)

  3. ROOTS (Entrance to Victoria Park)

  4. OCEANS (nr the duck pond)

  5. MYOPIC (Victoria Park)

  6. CONSTELLATIONS (Victoria Park)

  7. REST (Pavement of Crescent)

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