The End of Me 
The Beginning of You [paperback]

Join performance poet, Choe Mae, in her powerful debut collection of poetry, as she explores the journey from 'breaking' to 'being.' Chloe's pursuit to bring help to the hurting came from a personal journey of discovering new hope, in the unlikely places of pain. 

'With one glance the space between us is meaningless. Everything I thought hindered me, fell into divinity, holiness meeting humanity, no reflections - no fantasy - no vacancy. Just authenticity, and vulnerability filled the space between us.'

Cover illustration by Chloe Mae


What if? [paperback]

This is for the days you need to know

There is a light inside the tunnel with you, not just at the end

To know someone is always with you, that someone will never leave you


Janey McLeod-White is a performer and poet. During a colourful decade she has been learning to seek the light in the cracks, challenge herself to flip her negative internal what if’s to point to glory and thriving within the therapy of expressing life through poetry. What If? Invites you to do the same. 


Watch the poem films linked to selected poems by scanning the QR codes throughout.

Cover illustration by Sarah McLeod

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